The Great Misdirect

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The Key To Happiness is knowing when to stop caring.

From time to time I watch this video because it makes a valid point. Paying attention to petty problems doesn’t make you any cents, nor does it make sense.  There’s no point in stressing or worrying about anyone else’ problems but your own, and even then, you need to be able to put a value on how much attention you choose to give each. If it’s not going to trigger a drastic life-changing situation then there’s no point in reacting so harshly to a problem.

I personally (and based on opinion’s by others) believe that I’m one of the most laid back people you’ll ever meet. “Laid back” is usually the second set of words used to describe me by my friends, only being second to “Drummer.”

My ability to know my own limits of stress and being able to just say “F it” have helped drastically in that I hardly ever panic or get too angry on situations that are infinitesimal compared to the bigger picture; Living life as it happens.

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