The Great Misdirect
The Great Misdirect

:: Mike. Jefferson City-raised photographer seeking master' degree. Skateboarding. Futbol. Cycling.Traveling.

venusaur84 replied to your post:Q&A Round Two

Do you prefer portraits or landscapes?

Landscapes are easier, to me, because I don’t have to tell/suggest to them what to do i.e look this way, move that arm, don’t wear this etc. You gotta take what you can get when it comes to landscapes because there’s so many different ways one scene can look.

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Q&A Round Two

What Camera and lenses do you use?

- I shoot with the Canon T3i/600D. Mainly for lenses I use the nifty-fifty aka fantastic plastic 50mm 1.8 II. Sometimes I use the kit 18-55 if I want that 18mm wider angle. I also use a cheapo Rikonin 85mm 1.4. It’s manual focus-only and manual aperture adjustment but takes good photos and has more reach than my 50mm or 18-55mm. I never use flash in part because I don’t have one, nor do I know how or have gained an interest in flash photography yet.

How many “Likes” have you gotten on a photo? Was it your favorite?

- Well I took a picture if a long exposure in downtown Jefferson City over the summer. I think it had 55+ likes. Also my picture I took of a sunset over the UCM Student Recreation and Wellness Center got somewhere around 200. I don’t care much for “likes” though. 5 or 6 constructive or comments as to “why” someone does or does not like my picture is more appealing and helpful as opposed to likes. Sure, likes share it and shows that someone appreciates the photo, but it personally to me feels much better to hear what the photo says to each viewer.

I don’t have an idea on a favorite photo of mine yet, not much for portfolios even though I critique my own photos very heavily. 

Recommend any photo books?

- I only have two, Street Photography Now and Complete Guide to Digital Photography. I don’t really recommend the latter because it just keeps beginners get familiar with photo terms, equipment, and types of photography. It doesn’t help with getting away from using auto modes or inspiring vision. Street Photography Now does that for me personally, and I feel like any coffee table photo book is a good investment. Not saying that you should buy every book and look through them to get ideas, but they do help in letting you see things in a possibly different way from what you’re used to; that photographer’s field of view. I’ve read up on Ansel Adams, Zach Arias, and a few other known photographers. It’s best to choose your book selection around your current photography area of interest. Some of my outside of photography interests are drumming, biking, and old school cruiser skateboards (think smaller longboards or Lords of Dogtown movie.) I chose Ansel for his black and white, and Brian Day for the fact that his candid photography really tells the story that YOU see in the image, not what he captions because he rarely adds commentary to his photos. I would never tell you to look at books and other photos to replicate another artist, but rather gain inspiration and ideas.

Favorite style of photography?

- Though I get more praise and feedback from city-scapes, I think street/candid photography is my favorite. I would say a majority of street photos are processed as black and whites, which almost makes it seem cliche’ to me, but gives the photo a simple look at the same time. Sometimes color can be distracting from what is going on in the image. Going into street photography, I would say that kids are the “best” to photograph, but I’d be extremely cautious about pointing a camera at kids. What’s interesting about them to me is that they have no care in the world to how they are seen in public, and far from the reserved look of an adult. Something like seeing a kid run down a bridge away from his/her parents holding ice cream with the parents chasing shows emotion, fun, and excitement for the kid, haha. Again, I stress that while kids may be the coolest, I don’t really do it. 

You’re really good!! Why don’t you major in photography? You have the eye for it.

- Thanks. For as many times as I’ve received a response like this, I still don’t know how to answer it. Not providing an excuse not to be, but I like the major and minor choices I’m in now. I don’t want to put down anyone by saying that photography, to me, is more or less learned rather than taught. Make sense? I mean you can take a class and earn a degree, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be good, or develop your own style. Think of being a photography professor, I bet it’s hard to critique countless student’s work without your own biased opinions or favoritism towards a certain angle, color, or framing of a shot. You can learn all about composition, the rule of thirds, post processing etc. but sometimes the best photos don’t necessarily follow the “rules” because they aren’t rules, just guidelines. If I was to pursue photography as a career, I would, based on my personal interests, get a degree in either journalism or business, because they could still turn into multiple career options as opposed to a bachelor’s in photography.

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It’s an obsolete can’t level a playing field without the privileged group feeling like they are being one upped by whatever sanctions or entitlements the underprivileged will get.

Or in simpler terms, you can’t make moves to have a Mexican get the same education access as a non-minority without someone bringing up “free handouts” In a derogatory way.

Basically Advanced, when asked what equality means to him.
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Fabricated, Authenticated, Activated, Motivated, Dedicated, Sophisticated, Educated, Nominated, Celebrated, AND Associated to be Delegated. Basically Advanced. Things it [apparently] takes for a black man [or woman] to qualify as “acting white” instead of just being a person of the same qualities without a color being associated with such traits.
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Opinion: Chick Fil A

I think the media and people alike are giving way too much attention to A) A private company’s owner’s views; and B) Marriage, whether it be to a man, woman, or whatever object somebody chooses to tie the knots with.

I’ll keep it simple; Let me enjoy my chicken sandwich (While letting Chick-fil-A’s owner maintain their right to free speech, no matter how unfavorable it may be to others, including myself) AND let people marry whoever they want to.

I’m straight and really don’t care if straight or gay people decide to get married. In my opinion, more often than not, marriage has proven to be not all it’s cracked up to be. People my age (20s) seem to get married too early and don’t stay committed, regardless of if they’re straight or not. What business do I have telling a gay person they can’t legally marry someone? None. Do I care? Could not care less.

Someone else’s beliefs have no business in another’s personal relationships when something like marriage is being considered; it’s a “victim-less crime.” I personally won’t lose any sleep at night if gay people decide to get married, more power to them.

This is just another one of those issues I feel like Americans and politicians spend way too much time debating when there are bigger issues at hand. Give gay people their envisioned equality and keep the chic-fil-a (or whatever establishments this brings out) out of the equation. 

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Thinking of how many people you’ve deemed “stupid” in your town. Now think of how many more there are in your state. Now think of all the “idiots” in the United States. Then realize that a lot of those people vote. Then think even further only to realize one of those “Morons” just might be running for congress. It’s a good thing those “idiots” only pay attention to presidential votes. Can’t make a solution when people insist on being part of the problem.

Written by Basically Advanced. 7.18.12
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Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith passed this morning. Known as the actor for the Andy Griffith Show that my dad used to watch..probably one of the main reasons I leaned to whistle was because of the theme song

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Opinion: Dress As Smart As You Are

This weekend, just bought a pair of $46 (including tax) Levis 505 jeans. This is probably the most I have ever spent of my own money, including buying dress pants, on a pair of pants. Last pair of dress pants I got were $19 khakis that fit and wear well. I’m not cheap, I’m frugal. I don’t really care about brands like I’ve said before, but I wanted the few pair of jeans I have and wear to look nice and be in good condition.

I’ve received a lot of questions from friends that plan to go to college in the fall about what clothes to bring and wear. Obviously, chances are nobody needs a whole brand new wardrobe to go to class and get active in groups and sorts at college.

This post is entittled “Dress As Smart As You Are” because that’s exactly what you should do. Now I’m not saying wear a suit and tie, or nice shirt and blazer every day to class, because that’s not how anybody should dress. You should try to balance comfort with professionalism. People in my classes sometimes show up in the clothes they wore last night, or even wearing pajamas and a hoodie to class. Looking too comfortable makes you look like a slacker. Think what you want, but professors and faculty members do care about how a student presents themselves. It’s proven that a teacher is less likely to help you with late assignments or grade cushioning if you dress like you’re not ready to be in class. It’s also been said that dressing nicely keeps you more alert, which is why you may focus better in class.

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